About Us

Our History:

El Malak Pharmacy was founded in 1980 by Dr. Neven Kamal Tanagho. Since that time we have focused on providing our clients with high quality medications as well as patient counseling and support. Our main principles are honesty, accountability and using the scientific approach in dealing with our clients questions. Through this approach we have been able to gain the trust and loyalty of our customers. And we have grown to be known as a reputable provider of high quality medications at regular prices in the city of Assiut, Egypt.

Web Presence:

As a pioneer in our field we started our online presence in 1999 with a simple and free website. In 2001 we moved to building a professional website with our own domain name, www.elmalakRx.com . Since then we have strived to provide our visitors with the latest information in the field of pharmaceuticals and medicine in a easy to understand English language. By the end of 2002 our Arabic site was published for the first time to be the first Arabic pharmacy online providing personal answers to patients’ questions.

The Future:

At El Malak Pharmacy we believe in a future with no limits to what we can achieve to better serve our clients, whether offline or online, to help develop our profession and be known as a world leader in our field.

Official Status:

El Malak and El Malak II Pharmacies are two community pharmacies licensed to operate in Assiut, Egypt. This web site is just an extension to the services we provide in our stores. We are self-funded. Our motto is ” El Malak Pharmacy.. More than just a drug store.” To learn more about our Staff Pharmacists, click here.  

Last modified: 15, October, 2016