Through our pharmacy located in Assiut city, Egypt we provide a lot of services that help make your life easier and more enjoyable!

Assiut Doctors Directory:

We have made a directory with doctors from various specialties in Assiut city to help you in finding your doctor fast.

Ask the Pharmacist:

Here you can ask our pharmacist any questions you like about any drug-related problems or inquires you have.

Medical terms and Abbreviations:

We provide you with a very useful service that helps you find out the meaning of various medical terms and abbreviations here.

Favourite Internet Links:

We have a hand-picked collection of web links for various interests to enrich your internet experience and make you enjoy your time online. Check our favourite links here.

Home delivery:

You can get all the medication you need from the comfort of your home! Call Us today to get started and we promise you won’t stop!

Diabetes Care:

We do blood glucose level testing and we keep your records for future use and analysis by your doctor, we help you stay alert for the dangerous monster, diabetes!